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The Mindset for Growth: Website vs. Online Profit Center

The daughter of one of our team members recently graduated from FIDM in SF and chose to apply her skills and talents through the development of website designed to help fashion designers with the unpleasant side of creating a fashion business. She built a beautiful site, applying the latest SEO techniques, quality content, consistent updates and all the other steps the daughter of someone in the industry would employ. One…

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Improving Sales: Five Techniques

For a myriad of reasons (economic recovery, increased global competition, or simply tired of sluggish growth), there has been a renewed focus on cranking up the sales side of the business with frequent requests for recommendations on effective sales training and techniques. So, in the spirit that it takes a “village of gurus” to help a company, I have recommended several books and techniques, which when woven together, will give…

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Conversion – The “It” of Online Business

Attention all CEO’s, we hear you! You like the idea of your company or brand doing more “social” marketing. You want to see growth in the use of mobile. While Social Marketing and mobile apps and services are tools to be employed by manufacturers selling direct, they are tools to be applied to a well designed, fully optimized, frictionless online profit center. Traffic, even socially generated traffic costs money/time to produce. In…

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