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The Mindset for Growth: Website vs. Online Profit Center


The daughter of one of our team members recently graduated from FIDM in SF and chose to apply her skills and talents through the development of website designed to help fashion designers with the unpleasant side of creating a fashion business. She built a beautiful site, applying the latest SEO techniques, quality content, consistent updates and all the other steps the daughter of someone in the industry would employ.

One of the great lessons learned was that the building of a great site is the beginning of the development of a successful online profit center. Within weeks she was discussing the time and effort required to remain high in the search rankings, create new content, develop new marketing programs, manage email campaigns, develop social initiates and work on her business.

As it turned out, what she really wanted was to run her business and have the online profit center support her overall goals and objectives.

During the course of our business, we speak with many CEO’s who have had a similar experience, recognizing the difference between building a website and running an online profit center. It might have been understandable back in 2006 or 2007 before consumer behavior dictated dramatic changes in the way companies communicate with the consumer, to build an eCommerce site that was a robust, online catalog.

Today, consumer expectations and the great companies that have risen to meet those expectations, requires companies invest more time and resources to produce a successful online profit center. Think about it, consumers expect to see useful relevant information, with consistent updates, customer feedback, programs that integrate their with their lives. They want companies to show they are relevant to them.

Companies like Target, Oprah, We Take The Cake and others have proven the economic value of focusing on the online profit center because it helps build the brand, provides increased margins and supports all other distribution channels.

So, stealing the idea from the Untouchables, “What are you prepared to do?” Do you wanna know how to build an effective online profit center? They want to find you easily, you consistently deliver quality content and effective SEO techniques. They want to buy products, you make the steps easier to navigate and decision making obvious. They want to be part of the brand in some way, you develop and maintain socially relevant communications. Do you want to develop such an online profit center with minimal investment?  Are you ready for that? Then we are offering you a deal.

OK, enough Untouchables. But you get the idea. There is a distinct difference between building a website and managing a successful online profit center. There may be debate on the best way to get there, but I believe all will agree, you must have the proper mindset to reach the objective.

Time for the shameless plug! Business Calcium invests in and partners with manufacturers to build online profit centers producing high-growth, sustainable direct marketing channels. We invest capital, resources and time to ensure the growth of our partners online profit centers. We earn our revenue from the margin on all sales generated from the online profit center. As a result, business owners can focus on running their business and using the online profit center to support their overall goals and objectives.

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