Company develops a better mousetrap but no one notices. Active Care is the leader in remote monitoring medical devices. They have been around over 10 years, with ups and downs.


In the past year, their sales have exploded, and they are seeing new record revenues each quarter, but it's a secret, and as a public company, they would rather have more people know about their success.

What we do (Solutions)

Business Calcium developed an online ad campaign that highly targeted those with an interest in hearing about Active Care's recent successes. Visitors to Active Care's highly optimized landing page registered for the company newsletter and updates at a 8% signup rate, meeting the cost per acquisition target. The list was treated to a series of conditioning emails, and then added to their overall email list.


The investor relations department is busy fielding calls. Stock trading volume dramatically has been increased, and their prospecting email list was increased tenfold.

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