Neato Robotics

Smarter Vacuum Technology

We created multiple versions of landing pages to generate sales. Below is an example of one of the most successful landing pages.
1. Prospects receive a marketing email that promotes free shipping and a free filter replacement for each Neato XV-11 purchases. 2. This email directs them to the landing page, where they can learn more about the product’s features and benefits, media mentions, as well as making a purchase (redirect to Neato Robotics shopping cart).

Result Highlights

  • Tested over 5 landing page versions. The above mentioned landing page generates 3x or more purchases than other versions.
  • Refined the campaign to produce 2.5x the close ratio of the normal site.

Examples of Other Email Campaigns

Email Example - Auto-Responder Newsletter Auto-Responder Email
Automatic email to customers after they submit their email addresses on the Neato Robotics homepage.
Email Example - Survey Survey Email
Monthly survey email to new Neato XV-11 owners in order to gather customer feedback.

Other Projects