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Online Profit Center

Our principals, while working with the largest manufacturers in the world, developed the current partnership model, and now brings that model to small to mid-size manufacturers to realize an efficient, robust, world class online profit center.

The partnership model removes the manufacturer from the expense, time and distraction of developing an online presence while eliminating the risk and greatly increasing the level of success.

Business Calcium invests time, staff, expertise and capital in the development of the online direct channel. Our focus is on growing our partners overall business and supporting corporate goals that include the growth of the online profit center.

Business Calcium implements a wide range of online direct marketing tools and techniques. The vast majority of the success we have attained has been through the consistent analysis and review of analytics, designing consumer friendly landing pages and implementing the latest communications tools including social and mobile channels. All of these pieces make up a world class online profit center.

Business Calcium seeks to work with manufacturers wanting to grow their online profit center, without the long term investment.

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